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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  October 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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quercus draws a 13 day before christmasqu rock score at the hd rock live with phil parker show starts at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are still available at
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described their restaurant as as slightly eccentric surprisingly down to earth but mostly delicious that's a really great price to erint hervey is here from crave on east market street. >> that's correct as. >> is to market street in akron a great restaurant called to look at great people to look at krkr and food is fantastic. >> well we are making were getting ready to open a second restaurant in the spring and it largely focuses on talk as wb doughnut taco that's actually savory i was looking at this and thought this is toledo and mrs. columbus. >> we can do it how's that. >> does cleveland and date now so we just made a real straightforward internet gost just patty it'd been so you can fold like a taco a little bit of glaze on their we got some roasted pork belly to sport billy thing is on fire now .
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assessment product also. >> so know what this product is not we brazen this in apple cider and herbs and spiceses and then we roasted in the oven and then i pay and roasted itwe to get a little, civilization. >> 's most amazing. >> it's at about the pork fat thing we talked about this i.ore >> so we are going to put some pickled vegetables on here just a little bitreg to get that acid in there and that we are going to put diced mango on the airng so vegetable that is that colorado should hit, there is carrot and cucumber in their.n >> boy is that good would it up as an calibrating. >> spicy. >> yet a little bit and that a little extra zing caliber is a chili's. >> and then we will finish it with a vanilla infused maple syrup. >> so where did you get that idea to mix those flavors together. >> is just really fun to play with the tacos is almost anything works but the longer
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it's a fun process and sometimes it's the part that it visually stimulates you to look in your putting the stuff ul during the yellow stuff on there is that havingg i saw you brought something that's lovelyly stephanie come on over stephanie if you were talkingph about a benefit for the march of dimes is. >> , two put you on the side of a herenerar i'll put you near the food. it's at the hilton in fairmont fairlawn on market street and what day is it and what to entail. >> its november 7 which is a monday and what we are doing erin is our lovely head chef and for the march of dimes would have a gala togethery that is going to take place and guests can come and and try a bunch of different dishesry from the area's top chefs. >> twenty different shafts
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chassis can bid on awesome auction prices will have a diamond that the ohio from ohio golden pond nice huge diamond ringhi that you can win and tons of food and it's all in the name of the house of our babies is. >> and march of dimes and was to attend >> is $125 a ticket or purchase a table for 10 for $5,000 is 530 monday november 7 and you can get a whole table of tickets if you want one of course is all tax-deductible in for a great great cause march of dimes and they've been around for over 100 years i thinkrehe in 1938 with franklin eleanor rooseveltte. >> been around a long time they do a great job so is this guy going to do a great jobe is. >> easy to do a fantastic job. >> we are going to have anthony's from 111 bistro we are going to have undergone in the oven having some cakes we are going to havede is an acute she makes the best cakes and we are going to have a bunch
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evenan named. >> don't forget craig will have a a new place called crave cantina and it will be in cuyahoga falls right near frontri street so check it out i love his place in akron and east market street and it will be a big hit. >> and thank you and good luck with the march of dimes. >> thank you very muchit natalie. >> thanks david we're all verya excited we've been talking about this all hour long about the world series here starting tonight so why not celebrate with some world series inspired travel dealsle this one r and gently from the travel here we book with them all the time we always do of your trips with youba but i'm telling you what you guys must really love your indians it to bee offering new deals that you're offering basically in celebration for the team. >> at something new andan exciting. >> i love this idea were trying to get the mood and celebrate the indians does a lot of different ways people can win and the first thingdii i think that spake is that every game that theyy do when that the tribe when you're givingg
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>> we are and why not just giving away $20 gift cards to the restaurant now every time the indians when in the series we will give away gift cards cast tickets in the cast tickets include all your food and drink will also give away tickets a to mexico in the dominican republic tickets folks tickets to the dominican and also to mexico how can you pass at these opportunities and all you have to do to enter is like y page is. >> and now i what if somebody already lecture facebook page anybody that's on our page that likes us is basically some pair to when we were also sweeten the pot if the indians win the world series anybody that books between today and the end of the seriesdy we will do a random drawing from the people that have booked vacations and we will go ahead and pick a winner and pay for f their vacation. >> you're paying for the entire vacation and this is a
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>> because it did take 19 years to getec back to the world series 19 years you are offering $190 off the next . >> we just added a zero at the end because $19a and wanted to too far but a hundred 90 will get you far on the all-inclusive we were talking about the one deal you guys had offered it was 699 for six >> so $190 goes a long way when you're booking deals and trips already at a pretty inexpensive. peoplei we try to make it as economical as possible for people who take vacations i think there's an important point to take a think it helps clear your mindi come back to real life. >> you needed especially this time you're ready for the holiday season things get a little wild and crazyoea going back to the one you mentioned brieflyng was that you are going if somebody books a vacation between now and the last
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you got to booked by the fourth game. >> whether it's a vegas mexico hawaii tahititi you name it we will do a random drawing and will have a third-party come and impact out of a hat and their vacations paid for their mvp. >> that is for sure and again for all of these you have to give you guys a call but make sure to like your facebook page asbo well. >> they have to like our o facebook page or go on there and it like it commentf and there entered these these are such great deals jumpa on them now though and of course we have of your trip coming upon it is a sold out yes forget them. >> so it is sold out. >> so if you are planning a jumping on board with us it don't worry you still get some really great deals that you can book it now and even and you'reeave going to need it i think i'm feeling the cold weather are ready. >> it'll be the time to get
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here te go tribe and again great deals you just keep winning to gift cards giving away and everything thank you so much we'll be right will be right
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welcome back to need a cleveland october is breast cancer awareness month and todayoca doctor marks tells us about advancements and breast reconstruction.el >> one and eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime many who have removed to choose to have reconstructive surgery we been ableasry to really refine the wy breast reconstruction is done really focus a bit more on anesthetics doctor graham schwartz is a plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstruction there are a variety of techniques we can use to enhance the ultimate cosmetic outcome of breast reconstruction and i think it's important to work in
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or to maximize the aesthetics and while taking care the breast cancer issue at hand the team of doctors helps women to the breast cancer diagnosis treatment reconstruction and follow-upbr after mastectomy the two main kinds of breast reconstruction are an implant -based approach in the tissue -based approach and i think it's important to understand in general that breast reconstructionta for most of women is women is a process and really attempt to integrate withh breast cancer treatment doctor schwartz says the most m common way to do an implant -based approaches by putting tissue skin or under the chest muscle and. >> over a period of time andally expand the musclele create a space up for a for permanent implant in placend in the secondary stage usually the secondary stage can be performed in and in and out same-day surgery then we can go on a rebuildn the aerial and a few months later once
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position the second type of breastit reconstruction we often do is again using a tissue -based approach and we can borrow tissue from a number of areas of the body was, may we find it most convenient area to take tissue from is the low belly which is essentially the same area that we might want to do an uncommon apostate so we can actually borrow that tissue along with blood vessels that supply the skin inside the tissue and transfer it up t t re-create a breast there's no one-size-fits-all so what we tried to do when a woman comes in to talk to this too to as we try to provide all the informationhi to them and help guide them to the reconstructionm that fits them best but only in terms of their goals and desires but also notes needs to fit in their lifestyle because different typeses of breast reconstruction have different
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surgery and the hospitalizatione and sorted different long-term implications we really personalize the breast reconstruction tocall what fits their lifestyle best.ti >> tomorrow is breast cancernc awareness month talking about breast cancer and there are some simple things we can do to reduce your risk for taking a look at a natural d approach on tomorrow show and what talking about simple how about something very simple to make it will take up a slow cooker once again and put together something that the vegetarian but would never guess it'som vegetarian if you want is people that say you're going to love it. >> beans in itveay lots of spics poblano pepper is a little jalapeno pepper. >> this is good to be good no space the kick to it a little cilantro and then on friday as a road trip tol
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their barberton chickenn and boy did we figure that one out easily we will visit three of the most popular restaurants that serve it and willr also take you to a beautiful winery that makes incredible unique wine and has a view that everyone would enjoy no matter what the seasononaa it's all coming up on friday show is a hidden gem that town it's a great little small city for the name of all time but you may have never been that it's really nearby you can check it it'll be great make sure you join us on tomorrow show go tribe msu that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? are you ok? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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dr. oz: abducted. she was kept in a box. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i was just gasping for air. dr. oz: for seven years. >> i just laid there and cried. dr. oz: now meet the real woman who lived through it. how did you keep the will to live? tortured and used as a sex slave. did you ever try to escape? how she found the inner strength to survive. >> unfortunately this isn't over for me. dr. oz: coming up neck. -- next. dr. oz: in all my years as a doctor, i've treated many parents who have lived full lives, despite physical and emotional challenges.


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